Film Prize

Showcasing the best talent in short film

Laboratory Conditions
Director: Jocelyn Stamat
Producer: Joe Russell

The Gunfighter
Director: Eric Kissack
Producer: Chris Northup & Sarah Platt

Director: Matt Huntley
Producer: Simon Sanderson

My Sun. My Moon.
Director: Shaya Mulcahy
Producer: Shaya Mulcahy & Micheal Reilly

End of the Line
Director: Jessica Sanders
Producer: Jessica Sanders & Louise Shore

F**ing Drama
Director: Michael Podogil
Producer: Lukas Zweng

My Big White Thighs & Me
Director: Hannah Maia
Producer: Maia Media

Director: Nick Hayes
Producer: Adam Hayes

The Good Fight
Director: Ben Holman
Producer: Hermeti Balarin

Where Monster Hides
Director: Fernando Rivera
Producer: Fernando Rivera

Happy Birthday to Me
Director: Michael Reilly
Producer: Michael Reilly, Angelica Zollo, Eddie K. Robinson, Santa Jhankar, Shaya Mulcahy & Stuart Valberg

My First Time
Director: Asaf Livni
Producer: Udi Efrat


As an international outdoor travel clothing brand, Craghoppers enables people to live their story. But now Craghoppers is about people telling a story… in a short film. If you’ve a camera, if you’ve a short, wonderful story to tell, then this is your platform.

This is what happened to film students producer Lukas Zweng and director Michael Podogil who were behind the first winning film F***ing Drama in the student category, announced in April.

"We were really thrilled when our film was announced as the winner. It was such a big honour to be chosen from such a strong selection."

F***ing Drama was also selected by the BAFTA Student Film Awards.

Lukas and Michael are students at the Film Academy in Vienna and they have already invested their Craghoppers £2,000 prize into their next project – another short film which they intend to start shooting in February 2019.

"Michael and I want to continue making short films. We have had a lot of success with this movie and have been able to travel around the world to talk to people about it."

Watch the Award Winning F***ing Drama Trailer below