A Guy’s Guide to Looking Good While Traveling

17212146_10154119203037126_7092090352369421165_oCraghoppers has a wide range of gear for any adventure abroad.

More than 50 years ago, two men from England turned a passion for travel into a company that is now a global leader in the adventure travel clothing industry. Today, just as in those days, Craghoppers makes smart pieces that ensure travelers stay safe, dry, and comfortable, no matter where you might be going.

Great travel wear has to put up with abuse that day-to-day clothes simply can’t handle. They deal with long hours of sitting, miles of walking in all kinds of weather, and getting washed in hotel sinks and left to dry on old radiators. And, the clothing has to stand up to all this while looking good at the same time.

Here are just a few of our favorite items that deserve a place in any serious voyager’s luggage.

Pants and Shorts

A good pair of pants have to pull double duty—they have to be comfortable and tough enough for a day (or week) of excursions and adventure, but still look good while walking through the city. The Bardsey Jeans fit the bill handily. They look like that favorite pair of jeans everyone has, with some extra clever features. The denim easily hides wrinkles from packing and adds a touch of class when you’re having dinner back in town after being out and about all day. The relaxed fit delivers full freedom of movement, and the pants also sport Craghoppers’ NosiDefence, a tight weave that protects your skin from potentially dangerous biting insects. When exploring a new place, you’re always looking for more pockets to stash things, right? Featuring six pockets, the Bardseys give you plenty of options, including a hidden pickpocket-resistant zipped pocket.

Kiwi Long Shorts


Kiwi Long Shorts

The Kiwi Long Shorts should definitely be on your packing list when traveling to a warm-weather destination. The poly/cotton blend is durable, breathable, and lightweight—everything you need. The Kiwis are also treated with Craghoppers’ SmartDry coating, making them water-repellent, stain-resistant, and perhaps most importantly, quick-drying. Add in SolarShield technology for UPF50+ protection from the sun's relentless UV rays, and partial elastic waistbands that allow you to move.

It’s easy to stay organized and carry all the gear you need for the day with eight traveler-tested pockets, including zippered security pockets, and an oversized map and interior cell phone pocket. The extra length has a hidden bonus too. Sure, it covers your knees when scrambling around, but, it’s also important when visiting cathedrals in Italy or checking out the temples of Bangkok.

Shirts and Jackets

When you’re out exploring in the heat, you probably know that covering your arms is the way to go. Not only does it keep the sun off of you, it’s actually cooler. And if you’re wandering around anywhere with bugs, it’s a matter of safety as well. The NosiLife Bayame Long-Sleeve Shirt is perfect when the sun is high and the temps are warm. The poly/cotton blend is light, quick-drying and soft. The Bayame is woven with anti-insect technology, which is permanently woven into the fabric and is proven to reduce bites from insects that can cause life-threatening diseases like malaria and Zika virus. Trekking to Asia? Central America? Africa? Look for NosiLife.

Insect Shield Barmera Shirt


Insect Shield Barmera Shirt

A lot of travel clothes look more at home out on safari rather than walking through the city. That’s where the Insect Shield Barmera Shirt comes in. It looks like a basic button-down, yet has stealthy features that seasoned adventurers demand. The most important one is its Insect Shield tech. Insect Shield uses permethrin to repel mosquitoes, ticks, flies, ants, midges, chiggers, and other biting nasties. The second big one is its Solar Shield UPF50+ protection. A zippered security pocket hidden on the seam is a nice touch, so whether you’re hiking in Borneo, hanging out at the lake in the summer, or enjoying a drink at a sidewalk cafe, the Barmera is a good choice.

If you’re heading to cooler climates, you’ll want a good hoodie. It’s an important mid layer in cold weather, and perfect by itself during the shoulder seasons. The NosiLife Tilpa Hooded Jacket uses Craghoppers’ cotton/poly blend and NosiLife anti-insect technology for protection. With classic details like the full-length zipper, two hand-warmer pockets, and a drawstring hood, this jacket will become a wardrobe staple, even when you aren’t traveling around the world. It’s easy to pack so toss the Tilpa in your bag anytime you’re planning a trip where cool weather is in the forecast. Pro tip: wear the hoodie on the plane to keep you warm and free up room in your carry-on bag.

When deciding on what clothes to bring on your trip, versatility has to among your top priorities. Enter the Bridport Shirt Jacket. This multitasker is crafted with Craghoppers’ NosiDefence weave, giving it natural insect defense without treatments or coatings. This functional piece is perfect for those days where a full-on jacket isn’t needed, but it’s not quite warm enough to walk around in just one layer. (Think London in the spring or fall in New York.) The tailored fit keeps it from being too bulky when you’re wearing it, and easily packable when you aren’t.

Between getting to the airport, going through security, and making it to your gate on time, there’s a lot that can go wrong when it comes to traveling. Battle-hardened travelers don’t just pack light, they pack smart. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re out on the road is your clothes. Craghoppers gear is well thought out, durable, functional and comfortable. Pack it and forget about it.

Originally written by RootsRated for Craghoppers.

Featured image provided by Craghoppers